How to benefit from WriteCaliber

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Unlock the Power of Market Intelligence with WriteCaliber: Your 360 Ecosystem View for Industry trends, Client Insights, Competitive Analysis, and Key Event Tracking!

  • Master Your Market: Keep a close watch on industry trends and developments in the markets you operate in.
  • Explore & Expand: Track specialized sectors, learn from global markets, or identify market expansion opportunities.
  • Hot Topics on Hand: Stay updated on crucial conversations from COP28 to Crypto with ease.
  • Competitive Edge: Monitor clients, competitors, and suppliers to outsmart the competition.
  • Media Savvy: Track your brand's media mentions and magnify your media presence.
  • Engaging Content: Curate and share top-notch content for your audience, perfect for social media and newsletters.
  • Investment Intelligence: Manage your portfolio by following your investments' performance.
  • Stay Compliant: Keep abreast of the latest regulatory updates in your industry.
  • Transform market intelligence into your competitive advantage with WriteCaliber!
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How to Configure the App

First log in to the mobile app to start adding any channels.
Once logged in, you can add channels via the mobile app or via the website.
Once a channel is added you will also receive a notification on your mobile app.

1. Main Sector & Market

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Select the sector or topic that best represents your field.
You can instead choose to follow your client’s sector such as banking.

Sectors include Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Economy, Telecom, Banking, Healthcare, Tourism, Startups, Stock Exchange, Education, Technology and Transport.

Once selected, set the market you operate in, i.e. US, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC, and the Middle East.

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2. My Niche

latest news market professionals industry insightssaudi gazette the independent the telegraph washington post

This will help you drill down deeper into a specialty or a subsector.
Just add the keywords that make up this niche, e.g. fintech, digital transformation, Private equity, or ChatGPT.
Instead of a topic you can follow specific events or projects. (COP28, WEF, etc.)
The channel will find you all articles that relate to any of these keywords.

If the results are too broad, you can narrow your search further.
Click + to open the additional filter and enter more specific terms.
For example, enter "fintech" in the first filter and "payment" in the second to focus on fintech payment news.

Your niche does not have to be in the same market you are in, you can choose other markets to follow, learn from or expand to.

latest news market professionals industry insights

3. Clients & Competitors

latest news market professionals industry insights

List the companies, events or individuals you like to follow.
It could be clients, competitors, influential people, suppliers, or projects, etc..

Feel free to refine your search further to get more specific.
e.g. To follow credit card news from specific banks.
Use Saudi National Bank and Rajhi Bank in the first field and credit cards in the second.

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4. My Interests

Stay informed on wider topics such as: Economy, Personal Finance, ESG, Artificial Intelligence, Banking Tech, Growth Marketing or GRC.

This list is being continuously updated.

market news research market trends news app real estate

Channels & Packages

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New users can enjoy a 14-day free trial for up to 3 channels.
The free trial is automatically activated upon adding the first channel.

Once the trial expires, you can subscribe to

  • the Starter Package - up to 3 channels
  • or the Pro Package - up to 10 channels.

Explore our "Packages" section for more information.

We also offer content feeds to your website, mobile app, or email newsletters.
Contact us at [email protected]for details.

financial news all over country